Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day

Pancake Day also known as Shrove Tuesday in Britain. Pancake day is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. 'Shrove' - as in Shrove Tuesday - stems from old English word 'shrive', meaning 'confess all sins'. It is called Pancake Day because it is the day traditionally for eating pancakes as pancake recipes were a way to use up any stocks of milk, butter and eggs which were forbidden during the abstinence of Lent.

The earliest records of pancakes and pancake tossing appeared in the fifteenth century when the pancakes were a little thicker than the modern pancake; they would also often have added spices for a little decadence. It wasn’t until the eighteenth century and the influence of French cooking and their thin crepes that pancakes more as we know them now.

Pancake Day is not only celebrated in the UK, Ireland and America, but also in other regions, such as some parts of Northern Spain, where they eat pancakes on this very same day, too!

Do you know of any other places where they eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?

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  1. This is my favorite breakfast of all! I love pancakes, I would like to eat this while wearing my mens kilts. Thanks a lot.