Monday, 1 March 2010

Snowdrop Festival 2010

If you think there's only music and theatre festivals in Scotland, you'd better think twice. Today, we are taking you to a very spacial festival organised around one truly beautiful feature of our landscape: the snowdrop.

The large specialist collection of these delicate flowers will be on display at the Scottish Snowdrop Festival between 1 February and 15 March.

Enjoy beautiful gardens, magnificent castles, stately homes and local exhibitions or simply step into nature and wander through the woodland. You should tread carefully and keep your eyes peeled for snowdrops, little winter gems that surface towards the end of the season when hopes of spring are in the air. Find sites to explore in both city and rural locations. These flowers are delicate yet hardy, and are able to thrive in this cold climate.

Just get in out in the snow-dusted landscapes and treat yourself afterwards to a hot drink and a traditional shortbread buiscuit or cake in one of our lovely tearooms. Quite simply a perfect winter day out.